Dog Training 101: How to Completely Train Your Dog


Apply the “Leave it” or “do not touch” command and so he does not eat the treat, and then give him the “Pray” command. Your dog should stick his nose down to the treat between his paws. Command the release, “Amen,” and so give your dog the treat and praise him. For smaller dogs, or if your big dog does not get the chair route, you might prefer to apply a low table. You are able to stand behind him to guide his paws to the table.

Step 5: Keep an Eye on the Time Spent in the Crate

Not all dogs are the same, and so what works for one might not work for another breed. This is how come it’s critical that you’re patient when working with your dog, and change the approach you are using if necessary. Teaching a dog to get a drink from the fridge is a little more difficult — but it can be done! Photography courtesy Kyra Sundance.While this is definitely a more advanced trick, the use of an especially tasty treat and a lot of patience and repetition can make it happen. Your dog should already know the commands for “fetch” and “drop,” and you may want to first use those commands to teach your dog to play fetch with an empty can of soda.

What Is The Easiest Thing To Train A Dog?

Do not attempt to cut mats out of your dog’s coat yourself. One wrong movement from a nervous pup could result in serious injury.

Use a Treat to Lower Your Dog

Get by sitting in a chair with your dog in the “Sit/Stay” set in front of you. Command your dog to “Pray,” and so encourage him or place both of his paws on the chair while he remains in the “Sit” position. To teach the dog the names of different objects and then identify them on command. Start with known items such as dog toys and offer high praise and a reward when the name is matched by fetching the right one.

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We recommend starting with your easy dog trick list before moving on to advanced dog tricks. However, it may take more time, patience, and consistency compared to teaching a young dog. They can improve their cognitive abilities and enjoy learning new tricks with the right approach and training techniques. By teaching your dog these basic obedience commands, you are providing them with the necessary skills to navigate their environment safely and under control. These tricks give them the freedom to enjoy activities like running off-lead and socializing with friends and family while ensuring their safety.