How to Increase Facebook Likes


Facebook Likes are more than vanity metrics; they’re a sign of engagement, and can

help you attract the right audience for your business. But with Facebook hiding the

Like Counter, how can you increase your likes?

Post high-value content that resonates with your audience. This could be informative

blog posts, entertaining videos or helpful tips.


Post when your audience is most active.

If you want your Facebook audience to like your page, you need to post content that

resonates with them. The best way to do that is by understanding when they are

most active on the platform.

The ‘Posts’ tab in your Facebook Insights provides a wealth of information about

your audience, including the days and times when they are most active. Use this

data to determine which posting times might work best for your business.


For example, it is a good idea to post about your products or services in the

mornings and afternoons, as this is when your audience is most likely online. Posting

Reels and live videos are also effective at generating engagement, and can help you

get more likes.

Likes are one of the most important factors in determining Facebook’s algorithm.

Because likes are visible to everyone, they offer social proof that can encourage

people to engage with your content. Think of it like peer pressure – if your friends

jump off a cliff, you might be more likely to do the same.


Add your Facebook URL to your email signature.

A link to your Facebook page in your email signature can increase your likes and

help your audience discover your social media presence. However, you can’t just

add any old Facebook Like button—because of security concerns, iFrames and

Javascript aren’t allowed in email signatures (unless you use an extension).

Instead, you’ll need to create a special link using the href= protocol. Simply add your

Facebook Page name after “Like” to generate the link:

While details of Facebook’s feed algorithm are a secret, likes play an important role

in how posts are ordered. Essentially, likes tell Facebook that your post is relevant to



You can also use a pop-up tool such as OptinMonster to encourage website visitors

to like your page. These tools allow you to set a timer, so the pop-up appears after a

visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website. This way, the pop-up will

appear less annoying to your audience.


Encourage website visitors to visit your Facebook


When people visit your website, you can give them a direct link to your Facebook

page. This is a great way to drive traffic to your business’s social media pages, and

it’s also a way for potential customers to see that other Facebook users have liked

your page.

You can also use a tool like OptinMonster to create a pop-up that allows new visitors

to your website to click a button that invites them to follow your Facebook page. Just

be careful that you don’t add too many pop-ups to your site, as they can turn off

website visitors.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.


The bottom line is that it takes time and effort to increase your Facebook likes

organically. The best strategy is to post relevant content, regularly, and encourage

your audience to engage with your posts. By implementing these tips, you can grow

your business’s Facebook following and gain credibility in the process.


Ask people to like your page.

Facebook likes are one of the only factors that are visible to users, which means

they can have a huge impact on your page’s performance. People are much more

likely to do what their friends are doing, so asking your existing network for likes is a

great way to get the ball rolling.

If you have an email list of customers who’ve agreed to receive marketing emails

from you, you can encourage them to like your page by including social media icons

in your newsletters. Alternatively, you can use an app such as Meta Business Suite

to bulk invite customers who’ve interacted with your content in the past to like your

Facebook page.


It’s important to remember that while getting more Likes can boost your visibility

and help you rank higher in the algorithm, it’s not a replacement for genuine

engagement. So be sure to post quality content and interact with your audience